Friday, July 12, 2024
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China agrees to defuse bombs in Sri Lanka!

Based on the security agreements signed between Sri Lanka and China during President Maithripala Sirisena’s recent tour to China, the Chinese Government has pledged to supply several machines to defuse bombs, according to Presidential Secretariat sources.

According to the agreement the Chinese Government will bear the cost of these machines which will be supplied to the security forces for their use.

The agreement for this project was prepared by the Defence Ministries of both countries.

In addition, the Chinese Government gifted 100 jeeps for the police and Rs. 2600 million.

This sum is expected to be utilised for various projects of the security forces.

President Sirisena visited China to participate in the Asian Civilization Dialogue held in Beijing.

It is also reported that the Chinese media had placed greater focus on the Sri Lankan leader’s visit to the country.


Meeting between Maithri, Chinese PM

During President Sirisena’s Chine tour, he met with the Chinese Premier and he had expressed willingness to promote assistance for the main projects falling under the One Belt One Road initiative to strengthen development strategies in Sri Lanka under a multinational framework.

In response, President Sirisena had pledged Sri Lanka’s commitment to the cordial relations between the two countries and his country’s commitment to international and regional cooperation under the One Belt One Road initiative