Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Sri Lanka exporters gear up for Hotel Asia Exhibition 2024 in Maldives

The Sri Lanka-Maldives Business Council (SLMLBC) of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) and the Sri Lankan High Commission in the Maldives, is organising a business delegation to the renowned Hotel Asia Exhibition in the Maldives from 13-15 May.

The Hotel Asia Exhibition is renowned as the Maldives’ premier food and hospitality event, attracting stakeholders from resorts, hotels, guest houses, safari boat operators, restaurants, and cafeterias. From food and beverage to catering equipment, furniture, and health leisure equipment, with over 3,000 visitors and 250 companies expected to attend, the exhibition covers a wide spectrum of offerings, aligning with Sri Lanka’s export capabilities.

In response to the recent downturn in Sri Lanka’s market presence within Maldives’ imports, the SLMLBC and EDB have launched a strategic initiative to reintroduce Sri Lankan SMEs to the Maldivian market. The Sri Lanka Pavilion at the exhibition is strategically designed to support this objective, focusing on expanding the market share for value-added products and pinpointing opportunities for novel offerings.

With over 3,000 visitors and 250 companies expected to attend, with a total of 16 SMEs and four large-scale export companies participating, the Sri Lankan Government, through the EDB, has pledged to cover 50% of the stall costs for each participating company, along with the support of the High Commission of Sri Lanka in the Maldives.

Industry partnerships with Ocean Trade and Logistics, the Bank of Ceylon, and Aitken Spence supporting logistics, banking, and travel services respectively, will further facilitate industry participation. The delegation will also meet with several senior Government officials and representatives of business chambers, thereby offering further networking and business development opportunities. Participating in this Business Promotion Mission provides businesses with invaluable opportunities to enhance market access and networking opportunities.