Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Muslim envoys urge Sirisena to safeguard Muslim community

Envoys from the Organization of Islam Countries (OIC) are urging President Maithripala Sirisena to ensure the safety of the Muslim community in the face of hate speeches uttered by senior politicians and the clergy.

They made this request to the President at the meeting to discuss the current security situation in the country at the Presidential Secretariat.

However, the President assured them that as a government every possible step has been taken to ensure the safety of all the citizens.

He also said that the current utterances of some interested parties are due to the prevailing political situation as an election is forthcoming.

President also thanked the envoys for the cooperation and assistance provided to Sri Lanka at this time of need and urged them to continue to provide economic assistance and lift the travel advisories issued to tourists and for the intelligence expertise and cooperation provided by those countries.

The envoys of Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, UAE, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Qatar, the Maldives, Iraq, Libya, Iran, and Oman took part in this meeting.

Secretary to the President, Udaya R Seneviratne, Foreign Secretary Ravinatha Ariyasinha and Additional Secretary Esala Weerakoon were also present at this discussion.

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