Saturday, January 28, 2023
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The wedding rag...

It only took a few minutes since the wedding car entered my husband Ruwan's village. Three wheelers rounded our wedding car. I got scared and looked at Ruwan's face. He was also looking forward with a confused look.

Suddenly there was a smile on his face.
I looked out of the glass again curiously.
Just reminded me of the faces of one of those who came in. I remember when he introduced me that he is Ruwan's brother-in-law.
"The gang of my buddies. Do you remember attending the wedding? "The crowd had to knock on the car while Ruwan was investigating.
The driver also looked at us with a blind look.
"""""" . """" P. Lala can't be happy. Lala... "I was shocked when I heard the screaming and whining outside.
"Oh what is this?" "I heard Ruwan shaking his hand."
"Let's get down" not answering my question he said open the door.
Friends who dragged him out had a water strike so he was bathing out of his head.
I didn't get down from the car and jumped.
“What did you do that? Oops" I screamed wiping the egg bones, banana slices on his head.
"V. Don't do it amaya. Shame on you. "I was stoned when Ruwan was absconding from his mouth."
Why does he tell me not to embarrass me, not to those who water him?
"Sister is not there-gapa. N this is to Wilbarrow. Hanging up. I did this. "Someone gave me a board saying." Just woke up with a big hoo.
Looking at the board I feel my two are hot. A like this. Why would I hang a board with true words on my shoulder?
I was shaking and looking at Ruwan.
He smiled and pointed at me to hang on his shoulder.
I’m pretty sure he read the phrases in there too.
I jumped back in the door that was opened in the car like no one would imagine.
"Please lock this up". “I mean the driver of the car locked the doors too.”
A tear fell from my eyes when I knocked on the car along with Ruwanda Sesso.
"Uncle please take me to our house" I cried.
I also remembered my parents coming in the back car when I saw their car parked next to us.
My dad got out of his car and speeding to where we were.
"What is the meaning of this Ruwan son? No like this. Is it for a joke? I am my daughter. Was it safely handed over to the la? "Dad asked after reading that board that fell on the floor."
"Oh uncle, this is a little joke from friends. "Ruwan said it in a temptation.
"How can I hand my daughter over to the man who couldn't protect his wife on the first day to take care of her life?" " Where is the father? I heard yen asking.
I open the car door again and get out.
"We don't have deals with those who don't understand apo jokes." "Ruwan's friends had to slip each other like this."
“Are these funny man?”. These are no-sa. The dirty things that even an animal does. "Dad screamed looking at the people leaving."
"Daughter, I'm afraid to put the daughter in front of Ruwan who saw something like this as normal." "Father asked for me.
"Dad, I'm also afraid to stay with these people in this village. “I didn’t say, I just scolded.”
"Amaya.. Listen to this. Oh I didn't mean to do you wrong. But those are my friends. "When Ruwan was saying it with a knit, a tear fell down my eyes.
"Son of Ruwan. It's true that your friends are relatives. But this is your wife. When a board that wrote so many shit things was trying to hang on his wife's shoulder, what could have done to the son was clearly against it, not to join them. "Sayed the mother who was waiting for everything."
“I’m taking the girl away”. If you want my girl come and settle down at our house. Cause I like putting my girl in the middle of these cheap people. "The said father hugged me and got in the car they came in."
I hid my father's face on his shoulder while he was watching in pain.
"Ruwan will come to stop there daughter. It's okay if you don't come. Let's go. "When mom said, ""I agreed and smh.""".
Whoever is going to rag the bride by pouring dirty water on the bride's body by telling a relative or a friend or someone's fun on the wedding day, proves that they are mentally low. If you love married couples this much, you'll never cause such an inconvenience. If you want to make a memory from friends and relatives, then you can give them a beautiful memory on their wedding day, and don't do such low-everything when you have plenty of space. When you spend millions on the other hand and get ready for the most important day of your life, no friend or relative can come on that day and do such low deeds. Such people don't even deserve to be related.
Similarly, on his wedding day, on his wife's neck. I'd say men who hang up nonsense posters and let them be released on social media aren't really men. Because there is a very private thing that doesn't matter to you wordly and mind where parents are, it happens in public and your wife in public. P- is an offer How can a man who cannot protect his wife in such a situation, protect his wife throughout his life??
Nobody should be allowed to perform such low-density acts in any way at a wedding. Should not be encouraged. Must be opposed The most beautiful day in the life of a new couple who spent millions to make their wedding day beautiful and expect thousands of beautiful wedding. Doing a lot of raw, making all that expenses a crime, ruining the day, low level thinking it's fun. Sika is the lead. Duh. This is the wild of me. Rituals should not be allowed anywhere to happen.
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