Friday, July 12, 2024
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Sri Lankan fashion pioneers expand to Dubai with AND14

Aniqha and Saarah Deen, along with Raifa Nagel, the visionary Founders behind the acclaimed Sri Lankan brands Fusion 14, Honey Pot, Ohemware, Skin Candy, and Rai’N, have expanded their operations to Dubai with the launch of AND14. 

Nestled within Dubai Festival City Mall, AND14 offers customers a revolutionary shopping experience that seamlessly integrates fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

From offering Sri Lankan women with luxury, one-of-a-kind clothing and reviving the age-old craft of Batik, to empowering local artisans and delivering high-quality, hygienic waxing services for over a decade, the founders have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. Their recent forays into home-ware and skincare have further cemented their reputation for excellence and creativity.

Expanding to Dubai, a bustling metropolis home to many Sri Lankans and a hub for fashion- forward individuals, was a natural progression for Aniqha, Saarah, and Raifa. After more than a year of strategic and creative planning, they are thrilled to introduce AND14 to this vibrant market.

At AND14, they bring together a curated collection of handcrafted fashion and premium beauty services, creating a unique destination that celebrates both style and self-care. Their roots trace back to Sri Lanka, where their passion for artisanal craftsmanship blossomed. They specialise in batik clothing, seamlessly blending traditional artistry with contemporary flair to create pieces that are as unique as they are beautiful.

Their commitment to innovation extends beyond fashion. At AND14, they’ve incorporated a refined salon experience, offering express waxing, facials, indulgent hair treatments, and more. This fusion of retail and services allows customers to explore exquisite clothing and experience top-notch beauty treatments, all under one roof. By merging retail and services, they’ve created a concept that invites customers to relax, rejuvenate, and revel in a sense of community. It’s not just about shopping or salon services—it’s about embracing a new way to indulge and pamper oneself.

Aniqha, Saarah, and Raifa said: “As women in the lifestyle space in Sri Lanka, the challenges we have faced in growing our beloved roster of brands have prepared us for this expansion. Taking a local brand to global heights, while intimidating, is not impossible. There is space for this type of growth for local entrepreneurs, and we are honoured to be leading the charge.”

AND14 is now open from Monday through Sunday and is situated at SC209A, Level 1, Dubai Festival City Mall, Dubai Festival City, Dubai. Visit to experience the perfect blend of Sri Lankan heritage and modern elegance, all under one roof.